Way to liberate yourself from Spain! The 200th edition.

It's Your Birthday. Revolt a little.
It's Your Birthday. Revolt a little.

Dear Mexico,

Tonight at midnight, you turn 200.

Well, 200 since you went all rebellious and cool and told the Spanish Monarchy to shove it.
You and I have not always been BFFs, and as it stands my knowledge of you is a kiddie pool of superficiality. Not that I don’t appreciate you (I do, most assuredly!) but I was more deeply involved with your blonde, sometimes frigid, but extremely kind hearted northern cousin, The United States. He’s a good guy, he’s just going through a phase.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I am proud of you.
There is a long way to go, a lot of progress to be made and a lot of changes that need to happen, but you have children who love you dearly, and who want nothing but your success and honor.

The more I learn about you and interact with the better versed progeny of yours, the more excited and happy I am to be your child too.

I may have rebelled, and fought to come back to your arms, but I assure you that my words could not be more sincere.

And tonight, while I’m eating a churro, and watching one of your government officials ring the big bell while shouting back “¡Viva!” with 30 thousand of your other children in the central  plaza, know that you have a daughter who loves you too.



To have a simple, Reader Digest/Wikipedia explanation on the subject click here.


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