Big hug, leedle hug, Big kiss, leedle kiss.

Oh, Autumn.

I’d forgotten all about it until my friends up north started commenting on it. Hermosillo is still green, still sunny and still hot- just the way I like it. In fact if it weren’t for the fact that everybody was so boisterous about freezing/ loving the freezing then I’d have completely forgotten the season existed.

Then again, hearing it mentioned so much has made me romanticize it a little. I imagine myself in scarfs, walking down streets where trees are starting to relax, and show their yellows and oranges, the scent of maple syrup in the air and an amber colored sun tinging everything… then I remind myself how the cold and I don’t mix well, making me thankful for the time here.

Yesterday I had the chance to go to the Hermosillo Temple. It was a great experience for me because I had the chance to make new friends and enjoy doing service, as well as reminding myself of the really important things: God, family and relationships.

Anyway, as is to be expected I am still not socially seamless- I’ve gone without practice on a lot of things for so long that I’m almost freaked out by how natural it seems to everyone (aside from myself).

Let’s start with personal bubbles- over here, they’re somewhat (maybe completely?) obsolete.  I was hanging out with the Velardes, and I’d known them for maybe 2 or 3 days when Jorge sat on the couch that was next to the one I was sitting in and just let his legs rest pretty close to mine. I hadn’t noticed this, until I was about to stand up and was worried about touching him. I realize now that he must’ve seen some expression on my face because he asked me what was going on, and I responded by saying that I didn’t want to bother him and looked in the general direction of his legs. This would be an issue in the States. Jorge simply shrugged and sort of kept on keeping on.

That happens to me a lot here- I’ve gone so long without being around people who touch all the time for everything and anything that I feel almost apologetic when they’re just being themselves. I don’t know if that makes much sense. The thing is, I love it. I like feeling as if it’s no issue, where as in the States I felt I had to be extra aware for the sake of people who shrink at the idea of every day physical contact. So, I’m a lot more relaxed now.

Another thing (and this I picked up yesterday!) is that I’m around the good old ‘beso’ again. If you’re gonna come visit, be forewarned- when you meet people they are going to kiss your cheek. Unless it’s guy to guy, they don’t do that.
I remember trying to bring the ‘beso’ back with a guy from my ward who’d served Spanish speaking and I was enthusiastic about it until I realized how strange it looked because we were the only ones doing it, which lead to me wimping out.

Yesterday though, I was being introduced a lot, and seeing people again for a second or third time this week, and it was ‘beso’ here, and ‘beso’ there and man, I just felt so good. I love being free and open like that, and even though it’s customary here, it’s such a good sign of affection. It feels so good to have that back.

I felt somewhat silly because towards the end of my temple stay I was saying good bye to every one, and it resulted in this round of cheek kisses to all these people I’d just met. But if anything it felt good to be included.

Still- don’t even think I owe you chocolate.

For more information on cheek kissing you can go read a snippet here.

Listening to: “Mexico” by Jump Little Children
Feeling:  As though it should be raining.


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