!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or) Amber is coming!!!

Happiness! Rapture! Joy, Joy,Joy!!!

I am currently counting down the days until I see Amber- currently, it is 16 days. 16 days until I get to do crazy shennanigans with my best friend! This will be my first friend visiting from the States, and it’s Amber!

I wish I could tell you how happy I am but there are no words.

All I will say is that come July 31st I am going to be jumping up and down, waiting by the door, pacing in the living room, watching the clock as it slowly dictates second after second until my bestie- who has been doing the mission thing in Bolivia- comes through the door of my house, and I get to enjoy two weeks of the best time ever with her. I mean, it’s going to be like an extended sleep over! Also, I love Amber.

sixteen days. two weeks and two days.
384 hours.
23040 seconds.

I officially can’t wait to see her.


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