Oppositional Day.

I would like to write of my day in terms of how wonderful/ not-so-great my day was.
Thank you.

  • Good: I woke up to a partially cloudy day. Now, you might think that this is bad (especially me, Sunshine Kid), but people here have been clamoring for rain like no other.
  • Opposition: I’ve had trouble sleeping and thus am super tired. Lame.
  • Good: Upon looking at my calendar I saw that today was the institute temple trip. This is the most epic win of the week. I asked to be prepared and receptive to have a great experience whilst there.
  • Opposition: I received the worst call of my entire life (for work). No joke, I was so upset I actually cried afterward. This lady kept me on the phone for over 10 minutes- it was torturous at best.
  • Good: I got a call from one of my friends, Elder Torrijos. He called to thank me, and to say farewell.
  • Opposition: He called to say goodbye.
  • Good: I got to wear a pretty dress to go to the temple.
  • Opposition: I was having a bad hair day.
  • Good: I got to the temple early and got to see all the youth do baptisms.
  • Opposition: None of my friends were around quite yet, and we weren’t going to go until much later which was…
  • Good: Because I was able to spend more time in the temple.
  • Good: While waiting I saw Elder Torrijos and Elder Contreras a long with a bunch of other missionaries leaving the temple. They started to speak with some sister by the door and Elder Contreras spotted me.
  • Great: I got to see some good friends before they left. Elder Torrijos has seriously counseled me when I wasn’t even expecting it, but needed it anyway. He’s been a good friend to me. Add to that seeing Elder Contreras who is a happy kid in general and that was just a really awesome experience.
  • Greater: I got to take pictures with them outside of the temple, and got to see Elder Contreras sweet, sweet pink camera.
  • Greatest: I’m going to see them in September, for El Grito, in the Zocalo! Win-freaking-win.
  • Greatestest: I got to go in and do baptisms.
  • Opposition: I forgot the names my mom gave me in the rush to get to the temple on time. Frowny face.
  • Good: Realizing that I’ll get to go to the temple next week.
  • Opposition: I’m always freezing when done with baptisms.
  • Good: Doing baptisms  improved my hair ten fold. High five to everyone!
  • Awesome: We run into Mireya Velez. That girl cracks me up. She and I plan a trip to Kino in a couple of weeks, and then, I find out she’s totally game for going to D.F. for El Grito. Also, I have a new running/shopping buddy.
  • Awesomer: We get to go to Alex Arvayo’s hot dog stand- Lorena, her almost boyfriend Rodrigo, and I go meet Enit and Enok and we have a blast chatting it up. I don’t have to eat a hot dog because Alex has run out of buns, so I don’t offend anyone. By this time of night I’ve gotten so many compliments on my dress that I finally feel like a babe.

In conclusion: After a really hard weekend ( Torrijos gave his last talk, the Martinez are moving and I found out the Lainhart’s are going to move in a couple of weeks all in a period of 60 minutes. What am I going to do when I no longer have a sleeping 3 year old to hold while doing my primary runs?!) that left me feeling very, very sad, and a couple of situations where I wondered how well I’d maneuver and handle myself I found that it’s good to ask for  great experiences, but to specify what the experience should be robs you of it. I say this because I didn’t expect anything, which ended up getting me wonderful results. I was just hoping to be uplifted. And I was.


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