This Conversation Really Happened: The Papaya Edition

It turns out moving to a tropical place has its perks- one of them being that you have access to some pretty great produce, year round.

It is a blessing, and a party for the taste buds; a party that is celebrated daily thanks to the local market that is a mere block from my house.

In my quest for papaya after work, I explained to my lovely aunt that I would be going to the aforementioned establishment to purchase a papaya, to which she replied:

You don’t want to get papaya right now. The time to get it is in the morning, since that’s when they’ve just picked it. It’s the good stuff. Otherwise, if you go right now, you’re going to be stuck with day old papaya that’s just been sitting there, and they are no good.

I wonder about my life- especially when my greatest gastronomic quandary is whether I am going to have papaya that was picked off a tree some hours ago, or papaya that is a day old.


One thought on “This Conversation Really Happened: The Papaya Edition

  1. Oh my. I wish I had that problem :) I love me some fresh fruit. I’d even take day old papaya.
    Sorry I missed our skype date. I’m a bad friend. Give me a couple of days and I’ll come out of my schoolwork pit of doom.

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