Love Your Life!

Three big reasons.

We love life whenever we can.
We dance and throw up a minaret or raise palm trees for the violets growing between two martyrs.
We love life whenever we can.
We steal a thread from a silk-worm to weave a sky and a fence for our journey.
We open the garden gate for the jasmine to walk into the street as a beautiful day.
We love life whenever we can.
Wherever we settle we grow fast-growing plants, wherever we settle we harvest a murdered man.
We blow into the flute the color of far away, of far away, we draw on the dust in the passage the neighing of a horse.
And we write our names in the form of stones. Lightning brighten the night for us, brighten the night a little.
We love life whenever we can.

Mahmoud Darwish

I read somewhere that it is important to have at least one tradition of your own. Something that you go and celebrate, just for the sake of it, a date or event special to your unique existence- like a birthday, without the birthday.

I’ve looked for something like that to celebrate for myself, and found myself coming short- nothing really seemed like a new tradition, just another day where I’d eat a cupcake (nothing wrong with that either).

Then Natalie, and Faffer (and Amber) happened a few years ago, bringing with them a new tradition that I found myself loving: I Love Life Day. What is ‘I Love Life Day’? For Faffer and Natalie the date of said day is determined by times they came close to loosing life (both from appendicitis and hospital stints) and consists on meditating what you love about life, plain and simple.

The last time I was present for Natalie’s ILL Day she wrote a small list of reasons why she loved life, and together we taped several copies on different doors in the apartment complex. She also got a surprise ‘fake’ apendix which we all laughed about later on that day, while eating candy and sharing (within out small circle) why we loved life so much.

A year ago today I finally made it out of the hospital for the last time. I remember a particular instance, shaking , pale and sickly after having an MRI done where I thought to myself that I’d get to have an ‘I Love Life Day’ of my own. It was something good to look forward to at a time where no one could tell me anything about my own health improving or not, or whether I’d ever get out of the hospital and have a normal life again.

It turns out I did make it out alive (not to sound dramatic, but there were a few nights where they thought I wasn’t gonna make it!), exactly one year ago today, and to commemorate said occasion, I have picked it as my ‘I Love Life Day’.

Here are some reasons why I love life:

Reveauy, Zion and Tristan (My niece and nephews). Poetry. Beach sand between my toes. Inside jokes. The Day Boy and The Night Girl. Impromptu dance parties. Friends that know when to console you, and when to call you on your BS. Pie. Long runs. Drinking Water. Rainbows and double rainbows. Hammocks. Discovering new, amazing authors. Stephania. Books that get you involved to the point of reacting emotionally at a characters outcome. Beth. Flip flops. Beards. Seashells. Alfajores. High fives. More cowbell. James. The opening guitar riff to “Drive My Car”. This , this, and this song. Bow ties- and the hope that somewhere out there, there is a man who can tie one. Aaron. The last 5 minutes before a plane lands. Tan lines. Les Miserables. Men undoing their ties. Chocolate. Children. The words : Rambunctious and hogwash. Puppets. Peace Like a River. Claire fairy. O Soave Fanciulla from La Boheme. UNO. Prayer. Beach days. Thunderstorms. Blowing bubbles. Palindromes. Puns. Alliteration. Having two mothers. “Fit and You Know it” by The Streets coming on during my last lap. Seany. Pan Dulce. Sundresses. French Literature. Friends whom you can share a silence with. Fairy Tales. Knowing that God wants me to be happy. No Shave November. Four part harmonies. The gratitude tree. Daddy Dearest. White Christmases. Lisps. Girls in Easter dresses. Blank notebooks. Mornings when I can sleep in. Easter. Nacho Libre. Discovering new family. Super fresh sea food. Making new friends. Julie Andrews. Liberating a baby star fish back into the wild. The sound of the ocean waves hitting a dock. Flowers blooming. Accents. Tea time. Chubbie babies. Dimples. Theater. Brian Vaughn. Amelie. Traveling somewhere new. Trusting in a higher power. Yann Tiersen’s compositions. Discovering new music. Gaining a new perspective. Naps. Saturday morning waffles. Laughing while remembering something that happened a while ago that is completely unrelated to the moment. To Kill a Mockingbird. Shooting stars. Conversations that last all night (or 3 pots of tea). Aaron. Dancing. Sparklers. 4th of July and September 16th. Walden. Wishing on eyelashes.

So, tell me-why do you love life today?


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