It’s a Birthday Baking Miracle!

I decided to bake a cheesecake today. It’s my birthday week, so I figured I can get away with baking as much as I want and nobody can complain because it’s my birthday and you’ll look like a jerk. Birthday law decrees that the birthday person can do anything (within the bounds of what’s legal, of course) and get away with it.

So, I decided to make a cheesecake to take to choir today because I love cheesecake, and I love those people and I love to sing.

[As an aside: I used to hate cheesecake, it tasted like phlegm to me. My only love sprung from my only hate is right!]

Anyway, I decided to make the crumbs for the crust beforehand because that’s the part I dislike the most- and then I remembered our blender broke. Being the freaking kick-A resourceful gal that I am, I grabbed a ziplock bag and put my awesome rolling pin to use.


I actually had left my springform pan at a friends house last month, and so, I remembered to bring it home with me this time to bake. I formed the crust last night, and stuck that sucker in the fridge.

Today I did the bulk of the actual cheesecake, and figured that this would be the day where the surface would show no cracks (because I was busy working and didn’t loiter around my oven . And because I think I got the fine tuning of the recipe down pat, because that’s how I roll.).

And you know what? Check it:


If you’d been here you would’ve seen a calm exterior, but I assure you,  inside I was doing cartwheels. Naked. Because I had conquered the cheesecake and vanquished the cracks! Because if all the other cheesecakes are any indication this is going to be delicious!

And just so you know, if you ever happen to be baking a cheesecake, and think you cannot overcome those insidious cracks, I am here to tell you: yes you can. And yes you will!

For the recipe click here.


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