You Are Never Allowed to Complain about the Heat.

I say this as someone who’s spent the majority of her day in some state of ‘sweating’. I almost said ‘moistness’ but the word makes me gag,  and sometimes throw up a little. It is disgusting.

Cancun is 88 degrees with 65% humidity. I don’t know how you can have that much humidity in the air and not be part fish. Also, we’re supposed to be having scattered clouds, but so far, the sun has not gotten the memo because it has been making like someone has a magnifying glass on top of my house and making it like an oven, or crazy hot (take your pick, I’m benevolent).

To my people in Dallas? Yeah, I know it’s 98 degrees. But the moisture there is 32%. Food will not start growing mold after 24 hours. So, since it is not hot and humid enough to the point where your food will rot in the fridge (true story, it’s happening here, which, seriously? My own freaking fridge is tired of the heat) you are not allowed to complain.

To the Utah folks? In Provo it’s 86 degrees, with 33% humidity.  Salt Lake is 84 degrees with 25% humidity. You are in those ideal Utah months. I console myself with the thought that winter will come and make like an unwanted house guest in your state and over stay its welcome and leave snow in everything and prevent walking in cute shoes- or anything not involving thick fabric- unpleasant and make the streets all ugly and slushy and gray and it will happen much, much before Christmas and way after New Years and I will not feel bad.

Come to think of it, I hate the cold , so, I’ll suffer here and pay my dues for the next two months. Still, you suckers enjoy your nice weather.

On the plus side, once night falls we get some beach freshness. All my friends in Merida are in the exact same spot as I am, except worse because when night time comes, they have no ocean breeze to cool them off.

And since I’ve said that, I realize- I am never allowed to complain about the heat.


2 thoughts on “You Are Never Allowed to Complain about the Heat.

  1. Raleigh, NC: 100 degrees F, 80% humidity.


    And no ocean breeze, but it does cool off to the 80’s. But the humidity is the same. Two words: air conditioning. Saves. My. Life.

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