Robot Love Songs.

I love lists.
I love robots and hobos, but I don’t know a lot of hobo love songs (or any? Whatever, don’t judge).

Marina & The Diamonds

Marina has a delicious voice, and the chorus is so singable it makes me wish I was a drunkard with a karaoke habit. I am neither. But I still sing the chorus on the regular.

Coin Operated Boy by Dresden Dolls

Amanda Palmer is married to Neil Gaiman- I want them to have a baby so that their genetic awesomeness spreads. Aside from that tangent Amanda Palmer is one half of Dresden Dolls and I have a fondness for her because she wrote this extremely catchy song that was bursting with angst and wit. And come on, she’s talking about a vintage robot. That basically doubled as a piggy bank. I’m pretty sure that’s what Stephen Covey had in mind when he wrote about ‘Win-win’.

Hoodie Allen- You are Not a Robot (feat. Marina & The Diamonds)

I think I have a soft spot for Jewish rappers (and I realize that Allen and Matisyahu are two completely different ends of the Jewish rapper spectrum, so save your sermon), and I like this version a lot because it’s got an awesome beat to run to. I will advise against breaking into song during the chorus because doing that in the middle of a small running track will make people wonder what drugs you are on, which is not a good thing for them to think because you want to be able to go running there again and not be considered a threat to small children . WARNING: He drops the F bomb at 0:52, so feel free to skip that part.

Fembot by Robyn

This is also on my running list, and on my girl-you’ve-had-a-hard/great/average-day-and-you-deserve-a-dance-party list.

Don’t Unplug Me by ALL CAPS

In case you needed a reminder that deep down, I’m just a 12 year old.

If I Only Had a Heart from The Wizard of Oz

The original robot love song- represent!

If I’ve overlooked any, feel free to tell me.


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