And Rina was her name-o…

Hurricane Rina, home invader.

I can’t say how many times I’ve heard about “the calm before the storm” as a metaphor in life and I always loved the idea that it involved a whirlwind of chaos within a short period of time. It seemed like an exciting promise.

Cancun is about to get hit by a hurricane- and her name is Rina. It’s amazing to me that the place has been hurricane free for a couple of years and suddenly, on my first year back we’re getting hit by one. The part of my brain that feels responsible for the fact that the Texas Rangers are in The World Series after my leaving Texas feels responsible for this. Ridiculous, I know.

Still, I am living through the very literal calm before the storm. We’ve had the cover of clouds for quite a few weeks, interspersed with rain and today, on the eve of getting slammed with a category 3 hurricane I am in awe at how lovely it actually is outside. The sun is shining, and everything is incredibly still- it’s amazing. Things are quiet. Humidity is low. The sky is clear, and so very blue. But the sun- with its pale and abundant light, stretching over everything, not too warm, but incredibly inviting- is amazing. I think they should change the phrase from ‘calm before the storm’ to ‘beauty before the storm’.

There is calm though- great amounts of it- from the people. I haven’t seen a single change in pace- to hear people talk about it, it’s no different than prolonged rain. “Yeah, it’ll be some wind, and some rain, but it’s gonna go right through, so nothing to worry about” was what Annie told me yesterday.

I’m looking at the rain outside, and thinking how, in a few hours I’ll be headed out of state, away from all this wild weather.
I’m still sort of nervous about the whole ordeal, but I’m thankful everyone else is keeping their cool.

And if push comes to shove, at least I know how to swim.


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