The Distance in Laughter.

I love to laugh- I’d say I need it, much like sunlight, or water, or the occasional bit of sugar.

One of the hardest parts of reacquainting redefining home is that sense of humor does not translate- and as my brother has repeatedly told me, it probably doesn’t help my case that my sense of humor includes things like beards, and the Magna Carta, Jane Austen and babies. Sometimes all in the same sentence.

But you know, tonight is one of those moments that I’d really like to preserve if only for myself.

Being in a room, huddled with people your age- some friends and other acquaintances- and laughing until your face hurts is integral to survival. Today, I laughed at UNO rules, and people forgetting them, at injuries and card maneuvers for “Manotazo!”, at being the butt of the joke (I apparently love basketball, and watching basketball…which I didn’t know until I was informed of it by Abraham, Moises, Sharahi, Marvi and Nancy), at winning, and ending in a draw… these nights make the hard days tolerable.

I recently accepted that joy is not a zero sum thing- you don’t get to have only a certain amount of joy in your life. It’s okay to be continuously ecstatic- it just raises the bar for the next experience, it doesn’t mean that if you label something as joyous, all things will pale in comparison.
So go ahead and have great days. Have wonderful days. Let yourself be really happy, even if it is over something dumb, like naming the baby jesus you got in your Three Kings Bread (mine’s Tobias, if you must know).

Somedays I get homesick, but today, today was one of those days where I think- if all that sad stuff hadn’t happened, would I have days where I feel like I’m alive in ways that no work of fiction could begin to describe? I’m a girl who makes awkward conversation with guys who are 6’7″, equal parts awkward and witty, who bakes pizza and lasagna in the same day (take THAT Martha Stewart! Just kidding, I love you forever. Sometimes I doodle your name in my notebook In a totally normal way),who loves the questions (most days) and finds that living yourself into the answers is not so bad.

Even if the question is: Is it possible to have sore cheeks the next day?
Tune in tomorrow to find out the answer!


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