I’ve never thought of that or Everyone and their mom has already suggested it, but thanks anyway.


Oh man, can we talk about how many of these have been said to me?
Some of you reading this here wee little blog may have said it in the past.
It’s nothing to be ashamed of (mostly), but some of the point of the entire ‘Stuff [insert type of person here] people say’ is to show how cliche and silly some of those things are. And part of this here blog is to show how those things might not be the smartest to say. Or the best. Essentially what I’m trying to do is spare you from being embarrassed, save you saliva and make you socially gracious (Wittiness not included).

We will be addressing most of these- or at least the ones I’m familiar with- because, you know, we’re all about getting it straight here, in candy land. Or the tropics/ suburbs/ city/ whatevs.

So, let’s all learn together.
Tune in on Monday as we explain: Marriage or How Spouses Don’t Grow on Trees.


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