I’m Moving: The Merida Edition.

I’m moving again- this time my home will be 4 hours West in lovely Merida, Yucatan.

Follow the pink dots West!

Yeah so that is the main reason why I’ve left you so abandoned (cue weepy music). I’m sorry I left you for so long. I’m moving. For the third time in 3 years. Wait a second, is that right? Let’s see: I got my voluntary departure for September 9th of 2009, arrived on Mexican soil September 5th of that same year. Holy smokes errrbody, this is my third year in Mexico! And I am moving again!

I promise it’s not like I love being a traveling hobo, or a tramp (In the Corrie Ten Boom sense, get your head out of the gutter).

I am a person who- due to new prospects and lack of real roots- pretty much makes like a baby and leaves this mother when a great opportunity presents itself somewhere . I am happy to say that a wonderful opportunity has presented itself so that I am able to finish school and get my bachelor’s degree from an American institution!  Yeah!

Now, you may ask- why wouldn’t I want to get a Mexican degree?  [WARNING: The next part is an overview of the Mexican educational nightmare that repatriates endure. Your eyes might glaze over.]  The thing is, getting American education validated in Mexico is a bit of a pain. Even though I had paperwork and documentation for high school, the Secretaria de Educacion Publica (S.E.P.)  which is the federal system in charge of public education requires that you first authenticate and validate your elementary and middle school education before even touching your high school records. Not only that, but they  have to be original documents-government report cards and certificates; I can’t have them faxed in or emailed. My family went back and forth a lot but Texas still wanted to see my smiling face in order to hand that paperwork over. Since that is not a possibility for me, I was having forms faxed to me that verified that I was who I said I was and that allowed for one authorized person outside of myself  could receive that paperwork, so could they lease, pretty please send that over.

This hot mess has been going on for over two years and was deciding between the lesser of two evils: Coursing through all of my schooling again via the ‘Primaria/Secundaria/Prepa Abierta’ systems which would require testing out of every school grade or taking classes until the respective exams were passed or continuing the circus. Luckily, BYU decided to start a small branch through the Pathway Program here in Merida which would enable me to get a degree without need to verify my American schooling because they just happen to be American. It was a much needed light at the end of a complicated tunnel. This program is available in Merida for now, which is the reason for my move.

Because BYU is offering the Pathway Program here in Mexico there is an English requirement, so my entrance exam consisted on taking an English test which I did pretty well on, and managing classes, as well as packing boxes with my jank which seems to have multiplied since my last couple of moves. Seriously, is that a thing that happens with age? You end up with more stuff? Because I don’t like it- it totally interferes with my nomadic life. However, my book collection is pretty awesome. Same goes for my shoes.

Surprisingly, moving four hours away is turning out to be a lot more complicated than moving from the other side of the country (RE: Hermosillo) or from the States which sort of sucks. But, I am looking forward to a new, shiny beginning. Whether shinny from the new possibilities or shiny by the fire I’m fixing to cause from the desire to burn all the things I’m having to pack is yet to be determined.


One thought on “I’m Moving: The Merida Edition.

  1. I’m glad everything is working out!
    And yes, something about ageing means that you collect more stuff. Lots more stuff. The older you get you become some kind of magnet for random crap.

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