6 years down…


Nancy is my “Twinner”- we were both forced back to Mexico on September, 2009. She was sent back on September 1st, 4 days before I was to set foot on Mexican soil.

It’s funny (in a sad kind of way) to think that we weren’t even that far from each other- she was in Tijuana and I arrived in Hermosillo. Our sentences (because it does feel like some horrid punishment) will be up September 2019, and it’s sort of incredible to think that I have made it this long with an amputation as severe and heart breaking as being denied my family and a part of my home.

For all of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Nancy in person, let me say that Nancy is one of the most passionate, articulate, kind, and fearless people that I know. She has made this burden so much more lighter and shown me that I was not alone. She is a go-getter, precise, ambitious. I admire so much of who she is and strives to be and I hope to be as sure of my footing someday.

In the mean time, I appreciate that I have a sister in all of this, someone who just gets this whole thing, and who looks at a calendar, and talks of anniversaries with a mixed set of emotions. For all the tears I’ve cried to Nancy, and all that she has helped me overcome, I am so grateful.

Happy anniversary dear.

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