The Beyatitudes: Ab Initio

Can I get an amen?

Originally I was going to title thing “Everything I Need To Know, I Learned from Beyonce” which isn’t completely a stretch but it is a very long title and hard to fit in the blog title space, so I figured an intro post would be good.

It is Lent (starting yesterday) and this year I decided to give up electronics after 10:30 p.m. in a quest to have some quiet time to reflect on the divine. As everyone also knows, Beysus decided to bless us peons with new music in the way of Formation (praise, hallelujah!) and so as these two important events converge I have decided to write small entries on my reflections on how Yonce has managed to 1) Improve my life, 2) Improved my mujerismo and 3) has intertwined with my religious observance.

A few things worth noting:

1) While I am a woman, I am not a black woman. I understand that a lot of Beyonce’s message is for the empowerment of black American women, and while I get to enjoy and even partake in some of Beyonce’s message of girl power, I also understand that I need to take a d*mn seat when she is speaking specifically to black women.

2) As a non- black woman I will also stay in my lane when it comes to adopting any message of black empowerment, since I have a whole world who has not politicized my hair.

3) If God is in everything and everything reflect him, the obvs the fact that something so monumental is occurring is going to be viewed through

4) This is a (mostly) light hearted take on some serious ish. I am depressed. I owe a lot of my current joy to Beyonce. Come at me.

And with that, comes tomorrows Beyatitude; Mujerismo is like Pokemon.

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