Remind Yourself Of This As Often As You Need (And Me Too)

Y’all, what a time. Trump actually won the presidency. I cannot believe I typed that, but in this shitshow year of our Lord 2016, anything seems possible (provided it is the worst possible outcome). We can blame a lot of people- third party voters, people who weren’t fully on board, people who didn’t go for the lesser of two evils. This list could be long as hell, really, but that’s not the point.

The point is that people of color have been saying this has been such a racist place for such a long fucking time and now that most people’s humanities are being questioned (at the expense of so many lives) now y’all are listening. It has been this bad for a long ass time. Welcome to the fucking tragedy that is America. There are millions of people who voted for Trump and who would have voted for him regardless of third party voters- he won by a fucking landslide, the same landslide folks were calling for to show Trump that America wasn’t this way. Well guess what? It is. Trump’s your cancer symptom.

We can say we weren’t united as women, but a movement that relied on the radical notion that women are people vs ALL women being people (a small, but incredible important difference) has been the problem for some time now. Today women wore white pant suits to vote in remembrance of Susan B. Anthony, suffragette and racist lady dujour.It was sad as hell and conflicting and seemed like a peak white feminist moment, and y’all, that is initially what got us into this mess.

But y’all, we can overcome this.

And how do we do that? We dream big as fuck. So, Donald Trump did not seem like a possible candidate, and until yesterday it seemed impossible that he would win, this dude with weird as fuck hair and shitty everything. But America is broken and the people who voted for Trump by a fucking landslide knew what they were voting for. Theyd eliberately voted for it.

The antidote to this is to stop going small, and safe. So the U.S. is a racist, mysogynist nation, it is out in the open, the gloves are off. Now is when we reach out and reach further, and wider, and love more and listen and protect each other. Look around you- who are you not including?

A Trump presidency means that the following people are endangered:

  • Undocumented immigrants
  • Black folks
  • Muslims
  • Brown people on general (Trump can’t distinguish, so)
  • Jewish Folks
  • LGBTQIA folks
  • Disabled folks
  • Poor people
  • Women
  • Any combination of the above

There is a certain protection afforded to whiteness, and maleness and it is tempting to run towards that, to lean in and cocoon.  But I want to fix this, and I know you do too. And hiding is not gonna do it. I know right now, it feels like the worst. We are discouraged as fuck, and angry as hell. We are hurt. But let us look back at our lives and the personal Trump’s we have survived. There are times when the world felt like it was ending, when we could not imagine life further than that point of grief, a grief so strong and overwhelming that we could not see past the breaths we took. We survived. And we have come this far. We can survive again in greater measure, to greater triumphs. We can overcome this.

Here are some ways to start, right now:

  • Please do not be quiet. We need your voice.
  • This is not the time to be concerned with reasoning with the overwhelming majority of folks who voted for Trump. They sure as fuck were not thinking of you, and they shouldn’t get to be living in your headspace, rent free. They don’t give two shits about you, and from the looks of it, they sure as fuck think you are ruining their lives.  Do not go and try to shape that. It will fuck you up.
  • Who are you not including? Think on this.

Once you answer that, here are some ways to support and make a community (because right now, we need each other, damnit):

  • Google an organization who focuses on the people you are trying to include
  • Ask your friends who are part of the group you are not including (Latinos! Black People! Disabled Folks! LGBTQIA people! Women!) how you can help. In some cases, esp right now, it might be one on one. Talk to them. Love on them. Bake them cookies and cry together.
  • In the cases where it is not one on one- donate of your time and/or money.
  • Go protest. Write letters. Be willing to be fucking uncomfortable. This is not the time to go pragmatic- do you think Trump went pragmatic?
  • If you are a member of the communities mentioned above and have the spoons to do it, and know of any organizations, communities or groups spearheading action let others know (also, please let me know, I would like to add it to my list).
  • Stop ignoring truths and listen and believe oppressed folks when they tell you what is happening to them

If you are affected, please remember:

  • Your feelings are valid af. It is okay to mourn, and to cry. It is okay to feel bad. It is okay to be angry.
  • You don’t have solutions to everything right now.
  • You are not alone, thanks for being here, we need you, so much.

Here is my current list of people doing things (please send me more to add to this!):

  • The #TogetherWithoutBorders crew is organizing, and will be updating events on our facebook page here.
  • Cosecha is an immigrant organization fighting for immigrant and undocumented folks rights. They are planning a boycott- you can read more about it here.
  • Reproductive rights are up in the air now, so, here is a good org for that.

It is close to 2:30 am, and I am a disorganized mess. I haven’t quite got my wits about myself, but I want there to exist as little space as possible between whatever black shit hole we are headed towards and protect the unprotected.

I know this is hard, and that it is discouraging. But there is some hope- there are a lot of us. We now know-clearly, all of us see- who and what we are fighting against.

I have hope. There have been times in my life when I felt like the world was over and had nothing more to offer, times when I did not know how my body would ever wake up from the weight of the grief it was experiencing. I know it has been the case for so many of you- wondering how your feet would move a single step further. But so far, you have made it. I have made it. We have beat our personal record of living today. We have had happy days after those devastating ones. We have breathed and laughed and walked and felt the warmth of a new sun on us.

I am scared, but I am less scared because I know I am not alone. You are not alone either.
We will move forward- so long as we do so together.


3 thoughts on “Remind Yourself Of This As Often As You Need (And Me Too)

  1. Maybe his presidency will push things to a breaking point, a painful wake-up call, and then finally real, positive change. I hope. I am for Black Lives Matter, I’m for immigrants, Latinos, women and their reproductive rights, small government, and individual agency.

    1. Sarah McILrath, you are a damn gift to humanity, I am serious, and thank you for this, you gem of a woman. I love you.

  2. Reblogged this on Mundo Citizen and commented:
    I am sharing a post from a friend of mine with a bit of inspiration and a call for action in this post-US election mess. It is time for those of us post-deportation/return to figure out what we will do, because a Trump presidency will also affect those of us south of the border.

    I’m calling on those of you who want to bring collective efforts together across borders. Part of what Azul says is that we need to stop thinking small, and that applies to how far movements reach.

    From a Mexico perspective, we need to pressure for a government that stands for its people who will be affected by an police state with immigration policy. We already see it in the Mexico-Guatemala border which has been known to be the extension of the US-Mexico border approach.

    Remember when the world let Hitler happen? Well, let’s learn from the past and let’s have urgency. Our lives, communities, countries and regions are at stake.

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